Contraception for Mature Age Women

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Naturally, there are increasing rapidly ages, the body’s ability to produce female hormones estrogen and progesterone decreases. That is why, fertility declines with age. Even so, a woman can still become pregnant at the age of 30s, 40s, even at the age of 50s. Read the rest of this entry »

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In the Female Sex Organs

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Under normal circumstances, the vaginal wall behind the front and touch each other so there is no room in the vagina, except when the vaginal opening (eg during examination or during sexual intercourse).

In adult women, the cavity has a length of around 7.6 vagian – 10 cm. Lower third of the vagina is a muscle that controls the diameter of the vagina. Read the rest of this entry »

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Married Without Heredity

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Some people choose not to have children when they were married to her partner. That decision is often judged to be reasonable. But for those who live it, life becomes easier.

Many of the background that makes one not want to have kids. Goddess Larasati (50) or a more intimate feel called Tike not ready to be parents, ever. Not cost is thinking, the woman who is a lawyer by profession does not stand the fuss of children. He also was not patient care and educate children.

“Children are our responsibility forms of life. If we are not ready for responsibility, for what have children? “Said Tike. It has been more than 19 years since she married her husband, Edmund Heng (54), Tike never regretted his decision to not have kids.

Recognized childhood experiences influence his decision Tike join. Since childhood, Tike lived abroad since his mother, Basundari Suyono, a diplomat who served in several countries in Europe. Every day, saw his mother busy Tike extraordinary.

In addition to taking care of five children with her husband (and four brothers Tike each was only one year old), Basundari busy with office duties. Tike’s mother is also often receive visitors until the evening or the following business trips abroad, “It feels really kok ribet child care,” said Tike.

Subekti (59) or Bekti, a lecturer at the University of Tarumanegara, West Jakarta, had another reason. The man who spent his childhood in Salatiga, Central Java, was more afraid of his own emotions when she had children. “I was raised by an angry mother and father are not close to his children. If I have kids, even pity for my children, “said Bekti who believe that if a child he would behave like a father or mother.

Bekti claimed to have suffered psychological distress because of the atmosphere, uncomfortable house. He became a figure of quiet, but save the explosive anger. “I do not hate children. But I can not stand if they fuss or fight, for example, “said Bekti who admitted that he had not wanted to have children since high school.

Always there is no single reason behind a decision. As stated Paul Sapto Indratmo (38), usually called Sapto, private sector workers in Jakarta who has 10 years of marriage to Lola Larasaki (35).

Sapto pleaded not want to have children because they do not want to increase the human population has swelled. He is also appalled by the number of children abandoned in this country. Another reason, in the family history of cancer Sapto there. He worried that history will diminish to the children.


Social psychologist from the University of Indonesia, Ratna Juwita, rate, trends that married couples without children are common in foreign countries. But in Indonesia, the average married couple who will be hoping to have a child. The desire to have children is still strong because usually couples can not escape from social demands.

However, in the jungles of big city life in the crowded and complicated, such as Jakarta, people become more individualistic. They no longer think about the social environment around them, so be more realistic. As Bekti said, “To survive in Jakarta alone is difficult. Especially when to bear children. “

Rachael rate does no harm if the couple had no children. “Through the process of thinking, they set themselves to be lived life. That’s something positive, it must be communicated only with a partner, “he said.

Before the proposed Lucia, frank Bekti to his future wife was that she did not want to have kids. Lucia is not directly agree with the decision and seek input Bekti from his uncle. God knows what reason, Bekti do not know, ultimately Lucia will also married to Bekti. Now their marriage age was 31 years into the range.

While Tike did not tell him directly if he did not want to have kids. In front of Edmund, every morning Tike taking the pill regularly. Also if you want to travel with her husband, Tike never forget to bring antihamilnya pills. “From there to know if my husband did not want to have kids. He even likes to remind me to take pills, “he said.

For Tike and Bekti, their families no one opposed the decision to not have kids. However, the choice was not easy for Sapto, especially when dealing with his wife’s family. “At first, my wife’s family objected and appealed to us to have a child. But my wife and I remain determined not to have children, “said Sapto. After four years, finally his wife’s family is no longer tinkering with their decision.

Bekti also got annoyed because people often asked about his decision to not have kids. In the end, Bekti often advised. “If anyone advise me listen to it, but the decision remains in my hands. This is my life, “said Bekti.


So it is with Tike. For him, life without children who lived to make life easier.

After work, the woman who is a lawyer by profession have time for herself. Every weekend he went to the Labu, South Jakarta, to see his horse. Tike There are also practice riding.

Tike sometimes also riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle from his apartment in Slipi, West Jakarta, to his office in Sudirman area. If it was a long holiday, he and Edmund go camping or diving out of town. Having time to yourself, Tike was a balanced life while living in the crowded city Jakarta.

Bekti and Lucia also has two dogs so that their homes become more crowded. Every day the dog was taken care of Lucia, while Bekti more often take the dogs to play.

For Bekti, every day feels like a honeymoon. After work, he spent more days to talk with his wife because he did not have a television. Every weekend, they both went to the cinema to watch a movie.

That night, Thursday (21 / 1), waiting Bekti picked Lucia. This special night. They’ll watch a movie and dinner to celebrate the anniversary.

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No Have Rahim, Could Still Have Children?

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My 24-year-old woman and have never experienced menstruation. When I was 17 years old I went to my gynecologist and she said that I did not have a uterus, so do not get a period. I also found not to be pregnant and if you want to make sexual intercourse vagina. What does that mean? Now I have a girlfriend and we’re getting married. I still want to be a mother, I really can not get pregnant? Is there any way I could get pregnant? I feel sad as a woman.

K in A
Good ya K,
I’m sympathetic to the condition of Mbak K. This condition is called vaginal agenesis or syndrome is also known as Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser (MRKH). This incident could have happened 1 of 4,000 women. This is due to a lack of good development while still in the womb so that the uterus and the vagina is not well established. Although puberty experienced by women who experience these disorders in general are still normal growth of pubic hair and enlarged breasts, these women usually do not experience menstrual periods.

From the outside, the form of this woman’s genital area looks normal, but if examined more closely, inside the vagina is usually very narrow and short. Usually in these disorders, although there is no uterus, ovaries are still there.

Before you had sexual intercourse, most women with vaginal agenesis have to do the procedure to extend the vagina. This can be done by the method of dilation, in which a woman will be taught to enlarge the vagina hole by entering an assisted dilators with the supervision of expert doctors and nurses. This can take up to many months to achieve adequate vaginal depth and wider to allow the occurrence of intercourse.

Then, in addition to dilatation of the method you use can use to extend the operating procedures of the vagina, this process is a bit more complicated to do. Consult with your obstetrician for this option.

Have children
Then for the problem child, unfortunately you can not get the experience of pregnancy and menstruation. But do not be sad, there are other ways to get kids because your ovaries are still there, the egg and sperm can be united with the technique of in vitro or familiar with IVF and implanted into surrogate mother or surrogate mother who is willing to give her uterus while pregnant for you both. The boy was still the love of you and your husband will be.

Emotional problems
It’s one that happens to you now. You may feel stressed and this may last for years, from frustration to sadness is prolonged. However, do not forget you’re not alone. Share it with your parents because it’s sad not only you, but also parents. If you need to provide time for consultation with an expert in dealing with psychological problems that you experience.

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Healthy Lifestyle

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Our mental attitude in live the lifestyle, especially for a healthy lifestyle. While we will seek or attempt to maintain health, we will not succeed if there is no change in mental attitude.

What is Attitude Change it? We all must know and schools of that from various diseases and various recent illness, the source of no other is the root Lifestyle (Way of Life) is wrong. If we live a healthy lifestyle / right, of the disease would be far from us. Let’s see the people who live or at the time of our first parents, whether the many who have diseases like this today?

Actually a healthy lifestyle / right could be expressed only by 5 (five) sentences:
1. Worship (Always remember to LPA)
2. Eat a decent meal
3. Exercise with an appropriate dose
4. Stop smoking and reduce alcohol
5. Inner calm and mental balance (associated with point 1).

With five sentences healthy lifestyle rules mentioned above, various diseases, such as high blood pressure, stroke & coronary heart disease, diabetes, tumors can be reduced risk. Healthy lifestyle this can be done without spending a penny, so that a healthy lifestyle is very easy and the effect was extraordinary. So why should a change in mental attitude? My mental attitude must be changed from the attitude of “treatment” changed to “the prevention of illness”. Because a healthy lifestyle is making us to always prevent illness.

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Not Have Children, Pattern Change Your Life!

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Although some studies have mentioned the relationship between fertility and the mobile phone or computer, but based on sperm quality data obtained Tube Baby Clinic IVF JAKARTA Morula this relationship seems not to be seen. That is, the possibility of two related this is still small.

This was conveyed by Dr. Ivan R Here he delivered a presentation during webinar (a seminar over the Internet health) Wednesday (10 / 6) afternoon.

Within an hour seminar entitled “Infertilities in Urban Couples” (Infertility in Couples Urban) is dr. Ivan who is an expert in the field of obstetrics and gynecology was mentioned at least 15 percent of all newly married couples experiencing infertility problems after a year about getting married.

Ivan mentions some things that cause a person or couple to be infertile. First, about the egg / sperm. Could be disrupted due to the quality lifestyle unhealthy as smoking, alcohol, age, overweight or too thin. Second, the existence of some problems (diseases) such as pelvic disorders and endometriosis.

Therefore, the issue must be resolved to have a child with a few steps such as changing lifestyles of the formerly poor become a healthy lifestyle.

You also should consult a doctor with expertise in their fields (obstetrics and gynecology expert), and the most recent option is the use of reproductive technology that could help increase the likelihood of pregnancy such as IVF.

If the age between 35-37 couples in this way can be done at the Morula Tube Baby Clinic Jakarta, the possibility of pregnancy could reach 46 percent. Generally this process takes only 55-60 million rupiah. You need to know that the clinic is headed by Dr. Ivan is already experienced more than 10 years. Dr Ivan R Here alone is obstetrics and gynecology physician who has clinical experience of more than 10 years in Australia. He has taught at Adelaide University and lead Repromed IVF units in Darwin, Australia in 2004. He has also been awarded the Australian Young Gynaecologist Award in 2005. Currently he heads the Morula IVF Jakarta and served as Vice President Bundamedik Healthcare System in Indonesia. Achievements have included doubling up to three times the number of IVF cycles (IVF) and pregnancy rate that occurred during the last 3 years at the clinic Morula, Jakarta.

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Pox when you’re pregnant, it dangerous?

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Pregnant women are particularly vulnerable to bacterial infections, viruses, and parasites. This is due to physiological, the immune system of pregnant women declined. Infection can be bad for the mother and fetus. One of the infections that often concern is smallpox.

New fetal immune system is formed at 12 weeks of gestation. At 26 weeks of gestation, the fetal immune system is almost the same as her mother. At birth, the baby is still getting antibodies from the mother. Slowly, two months later antibodies in infants decreased. Condition of pregnant women vulnerable to it should be extra attention to their own health in order to avoid infection, one of smallpox.

Small risks
Ever pregnant women colleagues who are worried infected with smallpox. “Afraid of Nothing with my baby,” she says. Smallpox is intended chickenpox or varicella. The stranger called chickenpox.

Smallpox is caused by varicella zoster virus (VZV) or also called human herpes virus-3 (HHV-3). This virus DNA into the latent virus that lives in the ganglion (ganglion) the back after the primary infection.

Approximately 80-90 percent of adults have become infected with smallpox, and thus have immunity. In those who had been exposed, the virus is not completely lost from the body. Virus hiding in a particular nerve, and one day be active again in the form of herpes zoster infection

If a new primary infection occurs during adulthood, the clinical disease will be more severe arise. This includes when in pregnant women and those with complications of the disease.

Chickenpox infection in the first trimester of pregnancy can cause birth defects such as inflammation in the retina of the eye (korioretinitis), did not develop a large part of the brain (cerebral cortex atrophy), enlarged kidney (hydronephrosis), and abnormalities in bone and skin.

If the infection attacks the pregnancy at the age of less than 13 weeks, the possibility of birth defects that occurred about 0.2 percent. While the infections occurred in 13-20 weeks of gestation, the infection increased to 0,4-2 percent. However, if infection occurs after 20 weeks of gestation, generally does not happen abnormalities. Please note that the varicella virus incubation period is less than two weeks.

Vaccines VZIG
If delivery occurs before the incubation period or just the time of delivery, the baby will be infected. And can cause defects in the gut and central nervous system, since antibodies in the mother’s body has not been established. Therefore, babies born to a special immunization shots as a precaution.

Immune substances recommended by the CDC and Prevention in 1996 as an act of prevention of smallpox is varicella zoster immunoglobulin (VZIG). Dose is 125 U/10 kg body weight, maximum 5 vials for pre-or post-infection.

Yet not every pregnant woman needs an injection of vaccine. Simply ask medical history, whether the subject had chickenpox or not. When you’ve got, of course already have antibodies.

While mothers are not exposed to smallpox, a high risk of contracting chickenpox. Especially if the neighborhood where he lived were infected with smallpox outbreaks. Mother is a priority to get the vaccine VZIG.

Vaccines can be given to pregnant women before delivery and newborn. The principle is given VZIG within the period of 96 hours after exposure to smallpox infection.
In infants, the injection was given 5 days before and after delivery with VZIG vaccine or zoster immunoglobulin (zig). Giving this vaccine in infants is still possible keep 30-40 percent of babies infected with the virus.

In other words, this vaccine can protect 60-70 percent of infected infants from the risk of complications and death. There is also another vaccine, which is varivax live virus vaccine. It’s just not direkomendaskan vaccine for pregnant women.

Avoid direct contact
Another way of prevention, ie avoiding direct contact with those who are sick. Transmission can occur from 48 hours before the first rash until 5 days later. Chicken pox can be spread through breathing air, direct contact with the liquid rash, and contact with infected items such as a rash of fluid sheets, blankets, and towels.

Papules and vesicles that have not also contain a lot of dry and potentially pass the virus. Chickenpox in pregnancy with the virus in the blood (viremia), can spread through the placenta to the fetus.

Given the highly vulnerable to infection, is important for pregnant women to maintain their health, among others, by always eating nutritious food.
When smallpox infection when pregnant, do not be too worried. The risk of birth defects is not too large, but still must be vigilant. Immediately consult a gynecologist in order to obtain information and appropriate treatment.
Correspondents Report

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Pregnancy after transplantation could Ovary

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A British woman gave birth to two babies thanks to transplant ovaries (ovaries). This is the first case in the world. Ovary (ovarian) greatly affects fertility.

Pregnancy can happen when the egg gland to function properly. Disorders, such as infection or cysts, may disrupt ovarian function. Certain medical actions, such as cancer therapies, also referred to damage the ovaries.

Lucca and his brother, Aviaja, are two babies born through the procedure of ovarian tissue storage of frozen and then transplanted. Their mother, Stinne Holm Bergholdt (32), having infertile because of cancer treatment therapy.

First child, Aviaja, born in 2007 in vitro methods. While her sister, Lucca, who was born September 2008, was born thanks to the natural fertilization process.

“I was very surprised because I knew my body can not function properly. We have a fertility treatment to get pregnant. However, this second pregnancy is a miracle,” said Bergholdt.

According to doctors who handle it, Professor Claus Andersen Yding, this is the first time in the world there are women who managed to have two children after the freezing of ovarian tissue. He said that ovarian tissue will return to four years after the transplanted back into the body and still function up to 40 years.

“This proves that the ovarian tissue cryopreservation is a valid method to overcome infertility and use of this method should be encouraged in women who will undergo medical handling of potentially damaging their ovaries,” he explained.

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Warts infected from Boyfriend Sex

March 15, 2010 at 2:57 pm (wart disease) (, , , , )

Acne on the face of the owner’s certainly troubling, especially when grown in the vagina. Certainly more difficult. That’s what I felt Rachael (not her real name), 37-year-old widow.

Month of November 2009 he found out in pimples the size of a pimple on vagina hole. Nodule thought it was only due to irritation, Rachael did not want to take risks. “I was the type to see a doctor immediately if there is the slightest interference problem. Other people may consider insignificant pimple on the vagina, for I am not,” said Rachael.

At the first examination that Rachael did not have any information about the disease. The doctor only suggested that a biopsy Rachael advanced to know what exactly these nodule. He requested a week waiting for the results.

“But then I also got a laser to remove the nodule,” he said. After a week of biopsy results that Rachael had genital warts or kondolima akuminata. Warts was caused by the Human papilloma virus (HPV), which is obtained from a sexual relationship. HPV can be transmitted by skin friction is not protected by condoms.

When it was quiet because Rachael was already overcome with lasers. It turned out that a month later it appeared again warts. In the same place. He also went to the doctor and get an answer that makes shock.

“Said the doctor, the disease can not be cured. If Her Corns lost, he could return at any time when the immune system decreases. The virus hiding inside the body, while waiting for time to relapse. Sadly, this disease along with prostitutes,” he said annoyed.

Not satisfied with the answer to one doctor, he sought opinions from three doctors and explore information on the Internet. The result was the same. All said this virus could not be eliminated from the body.

“In fact, some sources say this skin can turn into cervical cancer if not treated seriously. Add me to panic,” he continued. In fact, warts that grow back. It’s been three months in a row Rachael get laser action.

Rachael admitted, after the death of her husband, he had a relationship of love with a man. “I’m only a few times having sex with a boyfriend. He was kind and courteous. It turned out that I contracted the disease from him. Finally I realized, we can not judge someone from the outside. It could be he has often played women and HPV infection. He’s only carrier course, which hit the woman, “said Rachael.

Realizing this HPV can not be eliminated, Ratna stress. He also concluded that that must be destroyed rather than Her Corns, but a virus. Be every day he was looking for information on how to eradicate the virus.

Relying on information from the Internet, Rachael received instructions to eliminate HPV with alternative medicine using herbal and animal ingredients.

From this bitter experience Rachael really learn and determined to be more careful watching her two children. “Do not indiscriminate intercourse. If using a condom is not much help. Just say no to free sex,” he said.

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Vitamin supplements delay aging

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Vitamin supplements not only provide nutritional needs, but also avoid the signs of aging. Several types of nutrients, like calcium and vitamin D, is useful for maintaining health, but also make us young. What are the recommended supplements to maximize health and keep us young?

Vitamin D
You can reduce your risk of colon cancer, breast and esophagus by 50 percent if you get enough vitamin D. According to Michael F. Holick, MD, PhD, a professor from Boston University School of Medicine.

Vitamin D will inhibit the growth of cancer cells and activate the immune system to fight infection. The best source of vitamin D are egg yolk, fish, and foods that are fortified, such as milk and cereal. Sun exposure is also good for increasing vitamin D levels in the body.

This mineral is essential to maintain bone strength and is required for muscle and nerve function. Lack of calcium will cause bone damage occurs more quickly than construction. In addition to bones, research shows calcium supplementation can reduce the risk of polyp formation of colon cancer.

Studies show magnesium deficiency is more common in older people than young people. This happens because the older, the body’s ability to absorb magnesium from food is reduced. In addition, drugs such as antibiotics and drugs also affect the same diuretic. In addition to preventing diabetes, magnesium may also lower blood pressure.

Vitamin B
Several studies have shown, stroke and heart disease could be prevented if we get enough vitamin B6, B12 and folic acid. B vitamins are also enough we can avoid the diseases typical parents, namely dementia.

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