In the Female Sex Organs

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Under normal circumstances, the vaginal wall behind the front and touch each other so there is no room in the vagina, except when the vaginal opening (eg during examination or during sexual intercourse).

In adult women, the cavity has a length of around 7.6 vagian – 10 cm. Lower third of the vagina is a muscle that controls the diameter of the vagina. Read the rest of this entry »

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Foreign Female Sex Organ

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Organ Kelamin Luar Wanita

External genital organs (Vulva) is limited by the labium major (equal to the scrotum in men). Labium major consists of sweat glands and sebaceous glands (producing oil), after puberty, will be covered major labium hair.
Labium minor situated right next to the major labium surrounding the vaginal orifice and urethra. Hole in the vagina and the area called the introitus and the half moon shaped area at the back called forset introitus. If there is a stimulus, from the small channels in addition to introitus discharge (mucus) produced by glands Bartolin.

The urethra is located in front of the vagina and the exit hole where the urine from the bladder. Labium minora left and right meet in the front and form a clitoris, which is a small protrusion of a very sensitive (similar to the penis in males).
The clitoris is formed by a fold of skin called preputium (similar to the front skin on the tip of the penis men). The clitoris is very sensitive to stimulation and can become erect.

Labium major right and left meet in the back forming the perineum, which is a network among fibromuskuler vagina and anus. The skin covering the perineum and labium major with the skin on other body parts, that is thick and dry and could form the scales. While membranes of the vagina labium minordan a mucous membrane, a layer which has a similar structure to the skin, but the surface remains moist because of fluid from blood vessels in the deeper layers. Because the rich veins, the labium minora and the vagina was pink.
The hole is surrounded by himen vagina (the hymen). Himen strength varies in every woman, because it was the first time you had sexual intercourse, himen can tear or not.

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Female Reproductive System

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Female Reproductive System

Do you know how to function outside the woman’s organ?

Outside has 2 female organ functions. First, it serves as the entrance of sperm into the woman’s body. Second, as the protector of the Sexual Organs of various infectious organisms.

How infectious organisms can enter the female genital organs in??

As known, female genital tract has holes associated with the outside world, so that disease-causing microorganisms can enter and cause infection of the womb. Microorganisms are usually transmitted through sexual contact. Sex organs in forming a path (urinary tract) which consists of:

  • Ovary (ovarian), producing eggs.
  • The fallopian tubes (ovidak), the site of fertilization.
  • Rahim (uterus), where the development of the embryo becomes a fetus.
  • The vagina, is the birth canal.

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