Pregnancy after transplantation could Ovary

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A British woman gave birth to two babies thanks to transplant ovaries (ovaries). This is the first case in the world. Ovary (ovarian) greatly affects fertility.

Pregnancy can happen when the egg gland to function properly. Disorders, such as infection or cysts, may disrupt ovarian function. Certain medical actions, such as cancer therapies, also referred to damage the ovaries.

Lucca and his brother, Aviaja, are two babies born through the procedure of ovarian tissue storage of frozen and then transplanted. Their mother, Stinne Holm Bergholdt (32), having infertile because of cancer treatment therapy.

First child, Aviaja, born in 2007 in vitro methods. While her sister, Lucca, who was born September 2008, was born thanks to the natural fertilization process.

“I was very surprised because I knew my body can not function properly. We have a fertility treatment to get pregnant. However, this second pregnancy is a miracle,” said Bergholdt.

According to doctors who handle it, Professor Claus Andersen Yding, this is the first time in the world there are women who managed to have two children after the freezing of ovarian tissue. He said that ovarian tissue will return to four years after the transplanted back into the body and still function up to 40 years.

“This proves that the ovarian tissue cryopreservation is a valid method to overcome infertility and use of this method should be encouraged in women who will undergo medical handling of potentially damaging their ovaries,” he explained.

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