Healthy Lifestyle

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Our mental attitude in live the lifestyle, especially for a healthy lifestyle. While we will seek or attempt to maintain health, we will not succeed if there is no change in mental attitude.

What is Attitude Change it? We all must know and schools of that from various diseases and various recent illness, the source of no other is the root Lifestyle (Way of Life) is wrong. If we live a healthy lifestyle / right, of the disease would be far from us. Let’s see the people who live or at the time of our first parents, whether the many who have diseases like this today?

Actually a healthy lifestyle / right could be expressed only by 5 (five) sentences:
1. Worship (Always remember to LPA)
2. Eat a decent meal
3. Exercise with an appropriate dose
4. Stop smoking and reduce alcohol
5. Inner calm and mental balance (associated with point 1).

With five sentences healthy lifestyle rules mentioned above, various diseases, such as high blood pressure, stroke & coronary heart disease, diabetes, tumors can be reduced risk. Healthy lifestyle this can be done without spending a penny, so that a healthy lifestyle is very easy and the effect was extraordinary. So why should a change in mental attitude? My mental attitude must be changed from the attitude of “treatment” changed to “the prevention of illness”. Because a healthy lifestyle is making us to always prevent illness.

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Not Have Children, Pattern Change Your Life!

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Although some studies have mentioned the relationship between fertility and the mobile phone or computer, but based on sperm quality data obtained Tube Baby Clinic IVF JAKARTA Morula this relationship seems not to be seen. That is, the possibility of two related this is still small.

This was conveyed by Dr. Ivan R Here he delivered a presentation during webinar (a seminar over the Internet health) Wednesday (10 / 6) afternoon.

Within an hour seminar entitled “Infertilities in Urban Couples” (Infertility in Couples Urban) is dr. Ivan who is an expert in the field of obstetrics and gynecology was mentioned at least 15 percent of all newly married couples experiencing infertility problems after a year about getting married.

Ivan mentions some things that cause a person or couple to be infertile. First, about the egg / sperm. Could be disrupted due to the quality lifestyle unhealthy as smoking, alcohol, age, overweight or too thin. Second, the existence of some problems (diseases) such as pelvic disorders and endometriosis.

Therefore, the issue must be resolved to have a child with a few steps such as changing lifestyles of the formerly poor become a healthy lifestyle.

You also should consult a doctor with expertise in their fields (obstetrics and gynecology expert), and the most recent option is the use of reproductive technology that could help increase the likelihood of pregnancy such as IVF.

If the age between 35-37 couples in this way can be done at the Morula Tube Baby Clinic Jakarta, the possibility of pregnancy could reach 46 percent. Generally this process takes only 55-60 million rupiah. You need to know that the clinic is headed by Dr. Ivan is already experienced more than 10 years. Dr Ivan R Here alone is obstetrics and gynecology physician who has clinical experience of more than 10 years in Australia. He has taught at Adelaide University and lead Repromed IVF units in Darwin, Australia in 2004. He has also been awarded the Australian Young Gynaecologist Award in 2005. Currently he heads the Morula IVF Jakarta and served as Vice President Bundamedik Healthcare System in Indonesia. Achievements have included doubling up to three times the number of IVF cycles (IVF) and pregnancy rate that occurred during the last 3 years at the clinic Morula, Jakarta.

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